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Thursday, October 30, 2014

TWO DAY Forecast for Friday and Saturday, Oct. 31st and Nov. 1st

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Pre Recorded Session with Jean

Navigating the mid-life crises and spiritual development

Friday, October 31st:  Perhaps apropos for Halloween festivities in the US as Mercury sesquiquadrate Neptune leads to fuzzy day dreams and foggy thinking.  Not a day for contractual negotiations and fact finding.  Enjoy the creative energies of dressing up and playing make believe.  Keep track of travel and neighborhood logistics.

On SATURDAY the Moon in Aquarius is VOID until 12:37 when she ingresses creative and sensitive Pisces.  A pleasant day as positive thinking pervades your mind, discussions and travel plans with Mercury sextile Jupiter.  There is also a feeling of possibility both romantically and financially as Venus sextiles Pluto.  Intensity is not off putting now as authenticity and depth of perception is both attractive and fulfilling.  Personal will is tempered and softened as Mars sextiles Neptune enveloping you with a sense of compassion, gentleness, creativity and intuitiveness.  Artistic entertainment is satisfying and expressive.  A lovely day ~

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

TWO DAY FORECAST for Wednesday and Thursday, Oct. 29th and 30th ~

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Chiron's influence in your spiritual evolution

Wednesday, October 29th:  The Moon continues her transit through "building structure" Capricorn and connects with first Pluto and then Uranus in the early morning hours EDT - you may find you've felt "busy" during this time of rest, awakening with a sense of purpose and the "need" to get things done.  Mercury conjuncts the North Node at 18 degrees of Libra (the final of 3 conjuncts due to his retrograde - the last occurred on the 20th) supporting an element of clarity regarding your growth and awareness in creating more personal life balance, beauty, and healthy communication within all of your contacts and partnerships.  A day of connecting with personal spiritual truths and inspired communication.

On THURSDAY the Moon in Capricorn is VOID until 9:52 a.m. EDT allowing for ease and inner emotional awareness before the Moon then ingresses group minded Aquarius.  In Aquarius, you focus on the future, innovation, group collaborations and fairness.  Venus is in square to Juno (from 8 degrees of Scorpio to Leo) highlighting the very areas of life that are lacking balance and fairness.  Joint resources, sex, romance, creativity, and children may be the areas that seek a more even handed approach.  The First Quarter Moon occurs at 10:49 p.m. EDT highlighting the results of actions taken at the New Moon Solar Eclipses.  Adjustments may be needed as you are made aware of how your actions have affected those around you.  A day of adjustments and seeking balance. ~

Sunday, October 26, 2014

TWO DAY Forecast for Monday and Tuesday, October 27 & 28th

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Monday, October 27th:  Neptune is active this week as both the Sun and Venus make supportive trines in water signs.  This is "opportunity" for the self to merge with the larger.  Making this connection will be challenged when both the Sun and Venus square Neptune on Nov. 20th and 26th respectively.  In water signs this can point to "getting it."  I understand how my thoughts, creativity, and compassion affects the world around me.  I understand that the intentions I hold creates my outer reality.  This will be challenged next month when long held beliefs are brought into this very equation.  Your process and your opportunity.  

The Moon is transiting through the sign of "beliefs, opinions, knowledge and desired expansion," Sagittarius but goes VOID at 12:19 p.m. EDT for the remainder of the day.  Again, VOID periods lack outward emotional "charge," and are helpful for the internal connections and intention setting.  Outward developments tend to be somewhat apathetic and emotionally flat.  So, get decisions or buy in's done before lunch.  The Venus Neptune trine becomes exact at 2:48 a.m. at 4 degrees of Scorpio and Pisces.  Neptune (due to his direct station next month will be sitting at 4 degrees of Pisces until December 12th - a potent time for those of you with planets at the 4 degree mark of the water signs, Virgo (opposition) and Sagittarius/Gemini (square).

Mars is now firmly ensconced in Capricorn through December 4th highlighting a stick-to-it-ness regarding your desires, goals, ambitions and desires.  The shadow side can manifest as rigidity or a "might makes right" approach.

On TUESDAY the Moon joins Mars in Capricorn at 6:04 a.m. and conjuncts Mars at 8:46 a.m. EDT.  Pay attention to how your emotional landscape engages with Mars new energetic.  The Sun, hot on the heels of Venus, moves into trine with Neptune at 5:50 a.m. EDT.  Venus is leading the way connecting interpersonal love with collective compassion.  How does your identity and will, the Sun, integrate this spiritual and compassionate opportunity?

A message regarding my blog content ~

I want to thank the many that have read my weekly column over the years.  After some struggle, rumination, and thought I will be discontinuing the weekly column.

In it's place I will be posting my Two Day forecasts that I have been writing on my social media sites (you see them here once a month to compensate for the week that I film monthly videoscopes which require a two day time commitment).  OM Times now publishes the Two Day's and the response has been favorable.  I will be going deeper with these daily forecasts including asteroid and centaur content and information. 

What is developing is a major writing project that I've been working on organically the past two years and am now mobilizing into the gathering and research phase - I need more time to do this :).

A former CEO I reported to once advised me, "Don't pick up any balls you can't keep up in the air."  I am very mindful of providing consistent and reliable information.  But, filming my highly detailed monthly videos requires  a full two day commitment, working with clients 4 days per week, filming the monthly INspire videos, writing a Two Day AND a weekly column is no longer sustainable - I need to place one of those air born balls back on the ground.

Please stop by often as I will be posting the Two Day forecasts on Sunday evening, Tuesday evening and Thursday evenings.  

I also encourage you to revisit the monthly videos as they are intentionally created as a functional reference guide to use throughout the month.  I will repost them as a reminder.  Conscious comments welcome at jean@jeanwiley.com

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Friday and Saturday, October 24th & 25th

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Friday, Oct. 24th: You are officially in the Mercury storm period (the day prior, of, and after the direct station). So, please take it easy with logistics, decisions, impatience with others - (you may feel like you are under water speaking Swahili and no one can understand you), cars, travel and communication equipment. The Moon continues through penetrating and probing Scorpio.

On SATURDAY the Sun conjuncts Venus in Scorpio encouraging a day of play, relaxation, relating and creativity. But, as Mercury stations direct at 16 degrees of Libra (exact at 3:09 p.m. EDT) please resist the desire for any heart to heart discussions in your primary relationships - things will be clearer and clearer as you near Nov. 10th. AND, the Moon in Scorpio goes VOID a little after Noon EDT for the remainder of the day - decisions made during VOID status have no staying power. Take er easy, go slow, relax, play and visualize the future. ~

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Ceres - the asteroid of physical care, mothering, agriculture, young women and nurturing


What you need to feel loved and nurtured.  Death and rebirth - the mystery of renewal, environmental awareness, agriculture and mothering.  Ways to nurture yourself and care for your body. The care of girls transitioning into adulthood. In transit and sign by sign.  I will include a table to find Ceres in your own chart.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Week beginning Friday, October 17th ~

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Oct 17th:  Mercury conjunct Venus 22 degrees Libra
October 19th:  Pallas ingress Scorpio (transit through 12/27)
October 20th:  Mercury conjunct North Node 19 degrees Libra
October 22nd:  Jupiter sextile North Node / Ceres square Nessus
October 23rd:  Partial New Moon Solar Eclipse 0 degrees Scorpio - conjunct Venus and trine Neptune / Venus ingress Scorpio (transit through 11/16)

ARIES:  A growth filled week as stronger chapters are being written in one of the most transformational cycles in your relationship and intimacy experience.  Now, some may say, "Intimacy?  Are you kidding?  It's been a war zone out there."  But, much as been learned has it not?  The Solar Eclipse commences a period of re-writing and re-wiring your perceptions, and course corrections, as substantial support, affection, and resources flow your way.  Wisdom, insight, focus, wellbeing and an increased sense of maturity are the building blocks of this new foundation through the end of December.

TAURUS:  It's been a hard slog for some in the relating areas - less support, less positive mirroring, and an enforced cycle of maturation through negation.  Yet the dawning of development through this "said" cycle of deprivation will begin to work more noticeably in your favor as some lessons have been learned, and some insights integrated.  All that you need, to see more clearly, who do I value and why, is the next cycle at the Solar Eclipse.  Give this time to unfold, define itself, and manifest into the uplifting situations and people that you truly seek.  

GEMINI: The next chapter of your daily life begins to take shape at the Solar Eclipse heralding in more value, ease, comfort, appreciation and personal service development.  Pets and co-workers for a change, become less a burden and more a source of pleasure and gratification.  It is easier for you over the next several weeks to shape a schedule and routine that suits you (not dictated by others) and your working levels (biorhythms).  Folding in more of your original and imaginative visions is necessary.

CANCER:  Purposeful pleasure, enjoyment and original expression flows in after a period of doubt, negation, and limitation.  The Solar Eclipse energy elicits another layer/level of development as the Sun and Venus are super-powered into the sign of power, transformation, and self-mastery (Scorpio).  In the 5th house of self, the focus is even more important and the stakes higher.  Please, focus on what you do want, not on what you don't want.  Lessons have been intense the past two years as you've been asked to take responsibility for your heart, your focus, and your reality.    What serves your highest good?

LEO:  A supercharged New Moon is occurring in the most personal area of your chart - soul and home.  Plenty of challenges have occurred in this area over the past two years and you are finishing up those lessons concerning reality, structure, soul, security, and the family (present and past).  This New Moon promises light, perspective, value and resources.  Another growth aspect occurring this week is the expansion of your mind, your daily connections, commerce, travel and personal knowledge.  Faith coupled with unfolding developments.

VIRGO:  Some people call it timing but I tend to think of it as personal readiness.  Something you've been thinking about and working upon (at some level) is getting ready to manifest and take off.  The super powered New Moon speaks to you of value in all of your personal relationship possibilities, resources and earnings.  This energy combines hard won self-esteem, communication skills, and an internal knowing/intuition.  This carries you through the end of the year as this process opens your mind, communication avenues, financial developments and personal value.

LIBRA:  So much personal growth has occurred over the past year that you will not recognize the old perception of yourself next Fall.  Potent personal developments, opportunities, and an unflappable demonstration of your personal value is set to occur at the Solar Eclipse, and into the weeks and months ahead.  You can no longer deny nor second guess your path.  Your world is opening up as others step forward to support and expand your sense of the possible.  Earnings and the application of nascent talents are on the increase.
SCORPIO:  You are hitting the home stretch of what has been a very important developmental cycle in your life (going back two years).  Your sign has the most power potential of any other sign and hence, requires a higher level of discipline and self-mastery that others may never come close to.  The supercharged New Moon is propelling you upward in a manner that encapsulates your core values, upgraded strength and personal identity.  Wisdom that has been hard won works in concert with the struggle that is now converting into power and personally directed life paths.  Bravo.

SAGITTARIUS:  You are meant to be sharing with others and involving yourself with group/committee/team work that expands upon your individualistic proclivities.  This week shows the value of your involvements and just how much your participation is worth.  Travel, publishing, ceremonies, and spiritual evolvement are also areas highlighted for expansion.  The New Moon Solar Eclipse furthers this cycle of integration between the limiting beliefs of the external world and the boundless creative potentials of your inner world.  Rest, release, daydream and be.

CAPRICORN:  Are career and desires actually intertwined?  A distinct possibility exists to do more of what you love and value at the Solar Eclipse.  As both Venus and the Sun ingress your 11th house of hopes and dreams they are receiving a super-shot of energy commencing a several week/month period of developments that require you to embrace your personal desires.  Your career is taking on a dimension of personal growth that may have (still) feel unbelievable to you compared to 6 months ago.  As your support systems and psychological well being continue to grow, trust that you can indeed reach for and safely experience more.

AQUARIUS:  The Solar Partial Eclipse is highlighting the apex of your life - the most public area that symbolizes one's life direction, career, "calling..," avocation, authority figures (especially female), reputation, and parent.  Developments occur over the next several weeks that carry the message of relationship progress, public relating, money, value, and creativity.  You may receive honor, acknowledgement, and professional advancement. Trust your intuition this week as you engage in intuitive listening, "hearing the meaning behind the words."

PISCES:  A highly intuitive and dare I say "potent manifestation period," arrives courtesy of the New Moon Solar Eclipse in your 9th house of the higher mind, time travel, precognition, publishing, foreign/unusual experiences, and media.  The Eclipse reaches out in supportive fashion to Neptune in your sign furthering the opportunity to bend your outer reality to your will (as long as what is good for you is also good for others).  Accepting support from others and choosing constructive opportunities for change continues to be the North Nodes growth cycle making very supportive connections in your 8th house of transformation.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Week Beginning Friday, October 10th ~

Photo by Stacey HInkle ~

Oct. 10th:  Mercury RX into Libra until Nov. 8th / Sun sextile Jupiter
Oct. 11th:  Venus opposition Uranus 
Oct. 12th:  Sun conjunct North Node 19 degrees Libra
Oct. 15th:  Venus conjunct North Node 19 degrees Libra
Oct. 16th:  Sun conjunct Mercury 23 degrees Libra

ARIES:  Relationship school continues but now the course curriculum encourages you to go slow and keep in touch with yourself - check in (how am I feeling about this exchange).  An enlightening and positive week as you delve into another layer of integration and personal awareness.  More value is due from the others in your world, moving you along as you ponder and internally integrate future partnership dynamics.

TAURUS:  You may think you are going over old ground regarding your talents, work, or services.  But, in truth, you are becoming more conscious about what your higher self already knows - your value, your abilities, and your increasing levels of confidence, are the fuel for the creative harmony and health that is due you.  This week is about "applying" what you already know.  Live your truth.  Walk your talk.  You are supported.

GEMINI:  The dust is settling from the Lunar Eclipse, and what is left are potent areas of growth and development.  Some people, groups, and teams are in the releasing stage encouraging you to rely on your own heart urgings, and creative voice - please trust that.  You are awakening to the essence of your personal value in all things.  Trust and know that your thoughts are blossoming into your future very soon.

CANCER:  Recent developments in career, with authority, and life direction, may have left you exhausted.  But, this week brings the kind of growth, comfort, and focus you can rely on.  Solidification in the area of your personal life and security is promised.  No fast moves are required as you tend to your inner world and cultivate.

LEO:  Communications in all forms have been a huge focus this past year.  Now, the insight and growth is palpable as any perceived losses are seen as a much needed clearing out process.  You gain traction and understanding on the way forward in community relations, sibling connections, education, writing, teaching, and travel.  The 12th provides strong insights - listen.

VIRGO:  This past week may have brought shocking events, insights, and financial developments.  But, rest assured Virgo, your path this week presents substantial and viable options that are already in operation regarding your talents, earnings, and self-confidence.  Good things come to those who wait - developments on the 16th realign you with abundant possibilities.

LIBRA:  The finales of the past week position you now to focus upon your growth, personal development, and higher purpose.  An element of distraction and debilitating relationship situations have either been swept away or rejuvenated.  Now, you are strongly encouraged to focus upon you and your desires, dreams, and evolution.  The 15th aligns with destiny in your personal understanding and future.

SCORPIO:  After the intense Lunar Eclipse, much has been cleared and removed allowing you to create and connect with your true desires, not obligations.  So much is being accomplished at the subterranean levels fueling your subconscious with possibilities.  Rising above the fear and limiting beliefs clears your path for personal transformation and true validation of your journey.

SAGITTARIUS:  Now the pathways are clearing urging you to follow your dreams, desires and personal happiness.  Events this week will leave you a believer as synchronicity connects with long hoped for developments.  People are willing to help, support, and point you towards satisfying avenues of personal growth - trust the helpmates that surround you.

CAPRICORN:  Dynamics have changed at the foundational levels of your life - home, housing, family and living situation.  Now, as you catch your breath and look up, relief envelops your sense of place in the world.  Growth occurs in your outer life, purpose, career and reputation.  Take your time drinking in the connections, exchanges, and positive developments that are meant to transform you in the highest manner possible.

AQUARIUS:  Your locale as been shaken and stirred as the Lunar Eclipse brought closure and reckonings in your communications and connections.  What moves in this week to refocus your attention, is a point of convergence regarding your beliefs and the bigger picture of your life.  Drink in a good long look as insights manifest pointing the way to new and different ways of both perceiving, and interacting, with your world.  Travel, studies, and philosophy may be useful avenues for positive engagement.  World view shifts.

PISCES:  You need support and support is here for you, now, this week, and into the future.  It is taking on a shape and form that may be unrecognizable to you at this juncture but won't be for long.  Undeniable proof of your value, support systems, and financial prospects reaches potent contact points this week.  The trick is to process these developments - gather data, keep records, jot notes into your journal without the need for immediate assumptions or action.