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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Tools for Conscious Living ~ Weekly Q-Note Subscription for Monday, August 3rd

Your Subscription includes:

1) A Weekly Audio File - your DAILY Astro Energy Planner delivered directly to you every Saturday as a downloadable MP3 audio for a VERY thorough day by day breakdown of the week ahead. Helping you optimize times to act, times to chill and more.. Mars transits Leo and Mercury transits Virgo  Subscribe ($2.50 per week)
2) A Quantum Note Soul Development Article meant to inform, educate and inspire you to experiment with your life in an uplifting and progressive manner.  The article for August 3rd is "Managing Your Energy (in a reactive world)."  Personal energy awareness is a necessity for living life your life at optimum levels - I provide well researched and utilized tips. Subscribe ($2.50 per week)

"As always you divulge a plethora of information that is helpful to navigate the every day. Your delivery I find is concise and beautifully translated. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and talents with the world. What a wonderful soul growth tool that I enjoy immensely!" ~Subscriber